Biological Control as a Component of Sustainable Agriculture
(Dr. W. Joe Lewis and Team)

Insect Biology and Population Management Research Laboratory,


P.O. Box 748 Tifton GA 31793

This website will give you information about research conducted by Dr. W. Joe Lewis and collaborating visiting scientists in his laboratory. Research is aimed at understanding the interaction of natural enemies, herbivores and plants and the application of biological control as part of an ecologically-based farm management strategy. The text throughout the website contains hyperlinked references to publications and abstracts in the publication list. Older web browser versions may not link you directly to the publication list when you click on references in the text. Just use the publication number before the author name and go to the Publications and Abstracts webpage. If your are interested in the full text of one of these publications, scroll to the top of the Publications and Abstract webpage and follow the instructions. Some publications are available in full text and can be read with Acrobat Reader. The glossary can be helpful in explaining technical terms that are used throughout the website and in publications.

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