About REMM

REMM: Why and for Whom

Model to quantify Nitrogen & Phosphorus trapping in riparian buffer zones considering site specific conditions - and hence design riparian buffers
For: Researchers, University Extension, Conservation agencies like NRCS, USDA Forest Service

REMM can be applied to :

determine buffer width for a given set of riparian conditions & upland loadings
determine buffer effectiveness under increased loads
evaluate influence of vegetation type on buffer effectiveness
determine impacts of harvesting on buffer effectiveness
investigate long term fate of nutrients in riparian zones investigate N / P saturation in riparian buffers
The above listing provides only a few examples of how REMM can be used.
Because of the detailed nature of the model it can also be used to investigate process interactions and test hypotheses .

Contact for web page: Randy Williams randy@tifton.cpes.peachnet.edu